• Online meetings with legal value

    Cloud web site for holding face and remote shareholders meeting and board of directors with legal validity.

User experience

The video streaming and electronic voting improves the user experience. CouncilBox is the perfect tool to convene the Board of Directors or the Shareholder meeting.

World wide access

CouncilBox is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you have a smartphone you can access your meetings from anywhere in the world.

Cloud storage

Our cloud safeguard all the documents related to the AGM, with information on the agenda, the proposals from the board of directors, and any relevant information.

Legally certified

The remote video streaming, electronic voting and participation quorum provides a degree of legal certainly and transparency for all shareholders via internet.

Connect with your favorite apps

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It can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection: Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Without having to install any software. CouncilBox is full of features that introduce and additional layer above the most popular videoconference systems and apps. Now you can start a Shareholder meeting with one click from your email.

Be present wherever you are

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The company’s executive team and stockholders avoid longer, costly, unpleasant and, now, with Councilbox unnecessary trips. Our technology extends content sharing beyond conference rooms and boardrooms to tablets and smartphones. Starting a Council is easier than sending an email.

Innovation is what best defines Councilbox

The innovation culture is what best defines the work in Councilbox. Our team of experts provides solutions and services for the participation of directors by videoconference and electronic vote.


In short, we want to be the technology that will use the companies all around the world to hold Board of Directors with video streaming and electronic vote awarding legal validity. Improving the experience of all people that must attend to the company AGM, even all people that would like to participate in the Shareholder.


ADVANCE, DETECT AND UNDERSTAND the management of the modern companies needs to cover their requirements with exceptional support and professional services. Allowing them to IMPROVE their business outcomes in sustainable way, adapting to the continuing change and uncertainty in the environment and thus achieve sustainable growth and profit.

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